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email marketing

8 keys for a successful email marketing campaign, part 1

Everyone who works in online media or selling digital goods, has noticed the importance of email marketing. But I’m not gonna lie to you: neither I’m an expert about this, nor I pretend to be. However, I can assure I’ve learned a few things “putting my hand on the oven” (a colloquial expression from the country I come from), something that I will share with you today.

A giant turning into a human: Google Hummingbird

A giant turning into a human: Google Hummingbird

Google turned 15 years on past september 27th and as a celebration, they launched something that is surely rocking the web, and at the same time is becoming an attempt to be tuned with today’s internet access trends.

google colibri content generator

How to become an effective content generator

In the midst of today’s trend of many companies and individuals of using inbound marketing to promote their products and services, contents becomes a key factor to attract new customers as well as giving some tools

games in html5 and CSS3

20+ games created with the powerful HTML5 and CSS3

A series of long time known games, and even these days, transport for a few hours to another dimension. Suffering when you lose and exploiting when you win. Exploring the technologies of JavaScript. HTML5 and CSS.


10 Tools for optimizing your website (SEO)

As a part of our introduction to SEO series, up next I’ll show you 10 tools so you can start working on and implementing for optimizing your website.


6 fundamental characteristics of Inbound Marketing

Only a few decades ago, traditional marketing techniques consisted of hiring specialized agencies, paying thousands of dollars and stick with the ideas of few creative minds


4 Important things you need to know before implementing SEO

In my latest post I write about SEO introduction and its evolution through the time. Today I will show you some steps you must have in mind and change on your website before implementing SEO.


The new generation of SEO

The behavior of consumers change on a daily basis and new advertising trends suggest that brands create a more tangible communication channel towards the creation of relationships instead of selling stuff. SEO is not actually as easy as it seems

Tim Burton

The art of Tim Burton

“Burtonian Filmmaker”

He was an eccentric by the time of presenting his style as a filmmaker, showing imaginary worlds with misfit, ominous and enigmatic characters.

Workstation inspiration

30 workstations designed for boosting creativity

Without any doubt, creative spaces are a deadly weapon to fight boredom, which tries to make us fall into routine and make us act like everyone. Fortunately, there are genius designers that have created particular workplaces, with the specific purpose of a constant, spontaneous and free flow of ideas.

Practices and advices for a good naming process

Practices and advices for a good naming process

In our last article “All you need to know before creating your logo” we write about naming and brand architecture. This time we will deepen on this topic with a series of interesting tips which will help throughout the process of good naming construction.


When it’s better a mobile layout instead of a responsive one

Responsive layouts have taken the lead in web design. It was a trend in 2012 along with progressive enhancement and without any doubt it will continue to be a trend this year. However, many times we assume responsive web design is the ultimate solution for every kind of website, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Responsive web design has some flaws


All you need to know before creating your logo

The moment we choose the identity of our Brand is important. Many times we convince ourselves it’s better to use a recent trending design, our particular tastes o “the thing that every one’s using.”


Google Penguin Update, the strategy to humanize web positioning.

Certainly one of the main tendencies of the current web evolution consists on orientate contents, processes and interactions towards the end user. A stunning user experience should be a priority and now big companies have acknowledged this.

Retina Display

Would it be possible a new greatness when looking at our screens?

It’s important to know that quality, the “resolution” of a digital graphic representation, an app or a sequence of images, is fundamental for their excellent reception. These need a superior level of quality than usual, instead of pixelated images with low resolutions. needless to say, with a standard resolution.


Developers: the aliens of the industry?

Many have tried to unravel this new species: The Programmers, misunderstood creatures who make the digital universe possible. Independent beings governed by their own rules, principles and cults, beliefs that apparently, do not match the standard of any ancient civilization.It is said that these beings have intended to represent common sense and feelings though codes, which will then be translated into the language of computers…