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Juan Medina Bernal

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Systems engineer in progress, writer. Motorsports, marketing, design and languages lover. Stubborn but basically a good guy. The limit is way beyond.

A giant turning into a human: Google Hummingbird

A giant turning into a human: Google Hummingbird

Google turned 15 years on past september 27th and as a celebration, they launched something that is surely rocking the web, and at the same time is becoming an attempt to be tuned with today’s internet access trends.

How to become an effective content generator

google colibri content generator

In the midst of today’s trend of many companies and individuals of using inbound marketing to promote their products and services, contents becomes a key factor to attract new customers as well as giving some tools

Google Penguin Update, the strategy to humanize web positioning.


Certainly one of the main tendencies of the current web evolution consists on orientate contents, processes and interactions towards the end user. A stunning user experience should be a priority and now big companies have acknowledged this.