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Silvio Sánchez

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Information systems analyst, web designer and blogger, passionate about all forms of design, architecture, technology and nature.

8 keys for a successful email marketing campaign, part 1

email marketing

Everyone who works in online media or selling digital goods, has noticed the importance of email marketing. But I’m not gonna lie to you: neither I’m an expert about this, nor I pretend to be. However, I can assure I’ve learned a few things “putting my hand on the oven” (a colloquial expression from the country I come from), something that I will share with you today.

6 fundamental characteristics of Inbound Marketing


Only a few decades ago, traditional marketing techniques consisted of hiring specialized agencies, paying thousands of dollars and stick with the ideas of few creative minds

When it’s better a mobile layout instead of a responsive one


Responsive layouts have taken the lead in web design. It was a trend in 2012 along with progressive enhancement and without any doubt it will continue to be a trend this year. However, many times we assume responsive web design is the ultimate solution for every kind of website, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Responsive web design has some flaws